Cops to Inspect Homes Without Notice For Illegal Rentals

More infringements on rights

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Zero tolerance program slammed as attack on property rights

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Authorities in Long Island have launched a crackdown on homeowners who rent their house out to tenants who have not been registered under a “zero tolerance” program that will see police conduct home inspections without notice.

Landlords in the Long Island community of Westbury will be targeted by a newly created police “Housing Enforcement Unit” that will “modify search warrant law to eliminate prior notice, aggressively use warrants and housing sweeps on a regular basis.”

Residents are being encouraged to report their neighbors to authorities if they suspect they are housing tenants who have not been registered with the government. Local station News 12 also gave out an email address and phone number encouraging viewers to, “report a suspected illegal rental.”

Maintenance rules and violation fines will also be raised under the new program.

Mayor Peter Cavallaro…

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More Calls from Western Nations for Civilian Disarmament via the UN : Freedom Outpost

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More Calls from Western Nations for Civilian Disarmament via the UN : Freedom Outpost .


unfreezoneAmerica, throughout the past fifteen months I have written a great deal on the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. While many have allowed the wool to be pulled over their eyes by believing that civilian disarmament can’t happen here, and that the senate will never ratify this treaty, the truth is that it is already being incrementally implemented. All of the states that are passing draconian gun control laws are testing ground states, and if you haven’t noticed, these state governments really don’t give a hoot about what their constituents have to say about it. While it is true that many states are also passing pro-gun laws that, constitutionally speaking, would protect their citizens’ gun rights from federal over reach, it doesn’t change the fact that…

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What Happened to America? Part 7


We have already learned that the Federal Government backs poison vaccines, that cause autism, diseases and even death; allows poison in our food that cause cancer as well as other things. So now were going to cover a few mo things that the Government does that it most likely don’t really want you to know it does, and in some case tell you it does it, As if to day “What are you going to do About it?” Well the only thing you can do is take a stand, defend your right, and when they push, push back. The government is involved in almost every aspect of our lives. Whether you believe it or not, it’s true. Our Government is tyranny by its very definition. And you’re a complete idiot or still asleep if you think that it has anything to do with Obama, Bush, Democrat, or Republican. None of that matters because it goes so much deeper than that. The President is a puppet. Democrats and Republicans are on the same side, to see who they can screw the hardest. The money is where the power is and the money belongs to the Ultra Rich and the big banks. They don’t want to spread the money around they want to rake it all in for their selves. Poverty is never going to end it’s only going to get worse. No matter the amount of money you throw at it. Why? Think of it this way. Say you’re the government, (hey this is hypothetical) and you spend Billions of dollars on programs that “help” the poor, would you still send all that money if there was no need for the help. Because every year the Government spends billions of dollars on programs that are suppose to help the poor. The problem is that there are all these corporations collecting all this cash, from there it goes into someone’s pocket and you can bet it is not the poor man. I read an article a couple of months ago about this town; they had a problem with homeless people stealing shopping carts from the local merchants. Well every couple of months the local merchants would summon the police to collect their shopping carts. A corporation no doubt came along and saw this and wanted to “help” those poor homeless people out. Instead of reaching into their own pockets to “help” they applied for a grant from the federal government. They were approved for this grant and they “helped” them out. What did they do to help you ask? Buy them homes, meals, job training, or even create a few jobs. Nope they bought them shopping carts of their own to have. Wow what a help, I’m sure they were appreciative of that. And I’m sure that all of the money did not get spent on the carts, there were probably some “administrative costs” that had to be covered too. That’s the way it works. That’s the kind of things your tax dollars go to. Not to really help but to literally kick the can down the road a little, and to give you the illusion that they are helping and that they care. I will assure you they don’t. The government does not care about it’s citizens, employers do not care about their employees, and even parents do not care about their children in some cases. So in closing for today; I answer the question What Happened To America? I think the America happened to America. Everything from Government corruption, to the people who allowed it to get this bad in the first place. This County can be a wonderful place to live. There are still good people here. There are technological advancements that could be so good if used correctly. People just need to stand up and fight this war against the people, don’t let the liberals run the country they don’t have a problem telling you there solutions. It’s time that some of the other groups stood up and spoke their mind for a change, if no one listens talk louder. And just keep talking.