What happened to America? Part 2


It starts out simple enough, Your child’s teacher calls or send a note home, Saying that she or he needs a Parent Teacher Conference. Ok what have they done now? You think. You go to the school and there is at this table your sitting at 2-3 other people that you once knew as teachers, principal, and maybe the counselor. Suddenly they all transform to “Professional” Doctors as well. They tell you that your child has ADHD, your concerned because their the “professionals”. They say your child is acting up not sitting still, and not going to be able to learn anything the way things are going now, and even mention that he might have to be held back a year or two. So what do they recommend do? Take him to the Doctor a “Real Doctor”. Or is it? Hard to tell. Oh yea they have a license and all, but what are their motives? Are they there to help? You go to the doctors office and sit and sit and sit in the waiting rooms for what seems like hours. Then finally they call your name from the back. You go in and your child gets weighed, and his or her blood pressure  checked, and then are excorted to a room to wait some more. The a knock at the door and the doctor comes in barely even slowing down askes what seems to be the problem, Well; You answer. The teachers said that my kid was having some problems at school behaving and sitting still. Almost literately still moving because he or she still has not even stopped yet.  Ok at school, What about at home? Well he may seem a little hyper, Maybe. Ok then he or she pulls out their little pad and writes you the first medication their going to try because he or she looks like and had all the symptoms of ADHD.  The Dr writes you a prescription for Ritalin. No tests, no blood work just 2 questions and a 30 second examination.  Wow she must be a really good doctor to be able to make that diagnosis that fast.  Well the truth is that for every prescription for lets say ratlin. a certain dollar amount is given back to the doctor, in the form of a kickback.
Then your child takes the poison and acts really weird for the first couple of days, maybe even your 6 or 7 year old will have suicidal thoughts, or will cry a lot about nothing but that all passes and then your left with a heavly sedated young boy or girl that has no intrest in learning, going outside, sometimes eating, having friends. He or she just sits in class like a good boy or girl and does not move around like they did, and ohhh their teacher is soooooooo happy. Those students can be taught (indoctrinated) better. And I can tell you from personal experiance that that is how it works. I could even tell you when the Doctor started talking to a different Pharmaceutical Company, Because during one of the many many checkups you have to go to, you report no problems in school and she thinks he needs a different medication. I guess which ever one was paying the most money at the time. I went thru this all with my son for about 5 or 6 years before I realized that I had made a mistake ever listening to the school or the doctor. I took my son at the age of 9 who after all the changes in medications, and doctor visits, genually wanted to kill himself. I took him back to the doctor as usall and she wanted to put him on an anti-depressiant to go along with the medication he was already on. I almost snapped. I told her he is not taking another medicine, and left. A few days later my son came up to me crying and asked me if he could stop taking his medication because he didn’t like the way it made him feel. Myself and his mother agreed that was alright, we would see what happened, and the difference in that child was night and day. After just 2 days of not taking his meds I seen something I haven’t seen in many years from him laughing,  giggling, and smiling. His mother and I knew right then he would never ever so long as I live take another pill like that neither will any of my other children. And when the teacher called for that meeting about his younger brother, I was already  prepared  to  answer them.

Anti- Depressants and stimulants and almost any drug on the market today have side effects that far out way any potential benefit that a drug may have.  Check and do research for yourself.

And with chemical  ingredients like Thiomersal (AKA Mercury),  Formaldehyde (AKA Embalming Fluid), and Aluminum in all the   “REQUIRED” Vaccinations. Thiomersal has been KNOWN to cause Autism. So why is it still used. That’s right Big Pharma has big money.

All of this contributes to the deterioration of America



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