There was a time when television was not what it is today. There were few choices of programming to watch; Unlike today there are countless channels, and program options. Along with this advancement in technology came a lot of changes to the type of programs we watch. In the days of the Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, and Adam 12, Television programing was much cleaner and wholesome. You could watch TV with your family and not have to worry about cursing, sex scenes, or even intense kissing scenes. You would still hear references to Jesus, and God; Families even prayed before they sat down to eat.  Today there is a constant stream of crap coming out of the Television.  You don’t even have to subscribe to the pornographic channels to watch that sort of thing today. You cannot watch television or movies even without the smut. There is cursing, fighting, kissing, love making scenes,  and homosexual content; If you can think about it it’s on TV now days. Television today promotes abortion, drinking, drugs, lies, and Satanism.  With the birth of reality television, providing senseless “entertainment” all with one purpose destruction of the viewer. People think that what’s on these shows is how it it, and how it is suppose to be.  The viewer actually becomes envious, because the shows teach that Money is everything, and if you aren’t rich your nothing.  Then they do their best to incorporate what they see into there everyday life. Unfortunately that’s not the way it works. Most of watch you see on television is fiction, and staged; All for “Entertainment”.   I am convinced that television has contributed to the destruction of America.


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