What Happened To America? Part 5

Main Stream Media

The Mainstream Media is one of the most corrupt aspects of our society. The Mainstream Media is full of lies and deception. On Many, Many occasions, they just make up the “news” as they go; What they don’t fabricate themselves they “borrow” from other media outlets. There is absolutely no investigative reporting or fact checking done. They just get the story and run with it. Also the Mainstream Media is notorious for only showing or telling you about “news” they feel is “appropriate”. Meaning if it will boost their ratings, or they get something out of it, they will run it; Otherwise you never see or hear it. Most of the “news” they provide regardless if your in Alaska or Florida is scripted meaning everyone reports the exact same thing the exact same way. The Media can control how & what you think. How is that? You may ask. Well it simple, With America in the shape it’s currently in it’s getting easier and easier to pull one over on you, and the lack of options limit what you hear or see. In other words; If all the stations report the same thing it must be true, Right? Wrong! 90% of the Mainstream Media is owned by only 6 corporations. As of the last count I could find those 6 corporations own 1500 Newspapers, 1100 Magazines, 9000 Radio Stations, 1500 Television Stations, and 2400 Publishing Companies. That’s right those 6 corporations can push any agenda they please, No questions asked if the money is right; And boy does money talk. And if you say anything that’s not part of their scripted “news” they will cut you off. All stations even the “Live Broadcast” Stations operate on a 10 – 20 Second delay, just in case someone steps out of line. With that amount of time they can “lose” the broadcast or have “technical difficulties” if need be. If you see something that “ You shouldn’t have had to see” you can bet it was no accident. Even the “live” White House press conferences are scripted out. Reporters and White House Officials know days or even weeks beforehand all the questions that will be asked and answered and who is going to ask them. No surprise questions will ever be asked, and if someone does ask an unscripted question, the media refers to it as being heckled, and depending on the question that was asked. It could be their next big story. Race plays a huge role in what is seen on the “news” Everyone talks about ending racism, but how can that be done with the media promoting it. Some times the media gets a legitimate “Big” story they dissect it, twist the facts, rearrange it, and just flat out lie to make it sound better to sell it to the American people. They the offer a lot of “Professional” opinions for instance every time there is a school shooting; they employ “professional” Psychiatrists, Lawyers, Gun Experts, you name it. Then they will ask why did this happen? And then the Psychiatrist will answer as if he has known the suspect all his life, then the lawyer will babble a bunch of non-sense, and then the gun expert will almost certainly say it was a AK type assault weapon regardless of what was used. Then they will tell you about all the suspicious websites the suspect visited and the suspicious files on his computer, and that he was most likely a “prepper” or something. Then will go try to find anyone who might have known the suspect that will talk to them; The suspects Doctor, his teachers, his neighbors, his love, his landscaper, even someone how has not seen or heard from him in 10 years. Then glorify his name over and over again for however long the ratings hold out. For what? Ratings and to make you think they actually care. Because the more people who watch the Mainstream Media the easier it is to promote their agenda, and essentially tell you what you think.


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