Thought for Today…

Awakening of Humanity

So you ever get the impression that no matter who is in government, ultimately the agenda is all the same? Nothing really changes?? Labour/Liberal, Democrat/Republican…
They all start off with pretty campaign slogans and promises galore…but at the end of the day they are really not different?
Well it’s because at the core of it all democracy is a farce, it’s an illusion to make the sheeple believe they have a say, but ultimately we don’t get to “say” anything. Even if u want to vote for an independent here in Oz, the vote has to be allocated to one of the two main parties if they don’t get a seat of their own…
The agenda and timeline has already been set, the puppet that takes the part of PM or President is just there to put a happy face on it all and satisfy the masses that someone different…

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