Cop Under Investigation After Shooting Man With Warrant in Walmart

David Horton (photo: WHNT19 News)

Cassius Methyl | The Anti Media

On Tuesday, in Huntsville Alabama, an off duty cop shot a man in the butt in Walmart, endangering the lives of civilians around him, in pursuit of this person with not very outstanding ‘outstanding warrants’.

He recognized the man with warrants , David Horton (looks to be in his early twenties, age not specified), and tried to make an arrest.

David fled the scene, and the cop pursued him, shooting him in the butt in an area full of citizens who could have been shot.

He was then transported to a hospital and is being ‘guarded by police’, the shot was not life threatening.

The cop was most definitely not warranted to shoot at him, especially in Walmart. He claims his gun accidentally discharged.

The cop is currently under investigation by his chief of police, who appears to be determined to find out what actually happened here.

Hopefully he will lose his job and never be able to endanger innocent people ever again (or shoot at people wanted by the police state for not very serious crimes, though the crimes of David Horton are currently unknown).

It is known though, that the man shot in the ass did not kill anyone, so to try to use lethal force to put him in the cold death grip of the police state seems highly immoral.

The cop is currently under investigation by his own department, and it seems that Madison County police chief Cecil Moses has a will to find out what actually happened, perhaps because these days when police mess up, it is widely reported on by the independent media.

Moses says the video of the incident is being investigated, as well as what kind of gun the cop used, whether it is likely to be accidentally discharged or not, ect.

Maybe the cop will be fired, maybe not. After all, it is still the inherently corrupt police state, locking people in cages for victimless crimes.

Please share this with anyone who could have their perspectives broadened by this info, especially if they don’t usually see stories like this.



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