Colorado healthcare exchange wants to charge a fee on all healthcare plans to help pay for Obamacare

America's Watchtower

 The Colorado healthcare exchange is facing financial difficulties so they have devised a new scheme in order to help keep it solvent–they want to add a fee to all healthcare plans in the state.

Colorado’s latest effort to ensure its state-run health care exchange is self-sufficient involves a $13 million fee collected from all Coloradans with health insurance, regardless of whether they bought their policies through Obamacare.

  Many of the people who have signed up for insurance through the Obamacare exchanges are people who previously had healthcare but lost it due to the new regulations, and in many cases these people are paying higher premiums, but now if this plan goes through they will be paying even more.

  But even if you live in Colorado and you were one of the lucky ones who still have insurance and did not have to sign up for Obamacare you are…

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