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Physical Cliff

Cliff_Edge_warningOften times if you follow politics or heck even turn on the news or read the news paper you hear the term fiscal cliff, It’s usually used to scare Americans into supporting some crap agenda by a certain political party. Well today I want to speak about another kind of cliff were headed for if things don’t change soon.  We will call it a Physical Cliff. Our country was once the greatest of all nations, you had freedom, liberty and prosperity just to name a few : all with a bill of rights and our beloved constitution to back it up. Now the very foundation of our country is being chipped away a little at a time by democrats, republicans, celebrities, education systems, TV and pretty much anything that has to do with the government, money, or politics. The main stream news is always talking about a new crisis, and as soon as the money or political gain is gone the story is swept under the rug, They the MSM make huge stories out of nothing like so and so celebrity, got a DUI (of course they seldom mention that they just get scolded a little), or wrecked a car. Very little mention of real news is ever presented. However there is a lot and I mean a LOT going on in the country we live in. Illegal aliens coming across the border just like it was crossing the street bringing diseases, and lice. Taking up more of the few jobs we have left, In some states they have more rights and can live more freely than us the American Citizen. For instance when I got my license, I have to provide proof of residence, an original birth certificate, and prove I was a citizen. Some states are being forced by Federal Law to give them license even If they can’t provide all the documentation.  When enrolling my children in school after a recent move here in Alabama, I had to provide proof of residence by showing a copy of my lease also provide copies of Birth certificates, Social Security Cards, Blue Cards (shot records). If I would have been a illegal alien I would not have had to provide most of that, And if I did not speak English I could receive even more benefits. The state is required by law to provide me with food stamps and TANF, if I told them my immigrant children were hungry, even if I could not prove my income. However if I were to go and try to apply for Food Stamps or TANF or any other Government program I would have to prove who I was, where I live, all my assets, and prove my income. It is truly a sad time when I can get a ticket or fine for fishing without a licence but Illegal Immigrants can flood across the border and reak all kind of destruction,  and be given rewards for it.

The next problem is there are conflicts all across the globe and the United States just has to be involved in every one,  and really not doing anything but stirring up trouble. There is unimaginable mass corruption in our entire system of government, everything from local judiciary courts all the way up to the President of the United States. They insist on controlling every single aspect of our lives. just like the Nazi Germans did. Most people are oblivious to whats going on around them. The information and proof is there written in black and white, if they would care to look or listen.  Local mayors, Police officers, and judges most are corrupt in someway, not just here everywhere.  Every which direction I look just about I see the United States snowballing down a slippery slope, and very few are even trying to stop it.  In fact some of the idiots are encouraging it, and helping to push it along. Everyone wants to blame Obama, and yea he has done his fair share to screw things up what with all his executive actions, but he is to much of a moron to master mind this whole collapse his self, I’m not giving the idiot that much credit.  All Obama is is a Yes Man, Yes i’ll screw the country, Yes I’ll triple gas prices by causing panic and promoting “global awareness” or something.  Yes you too can be appointed to a powerful office. Sure you can poison millions of Americans’ with the food you manufacture. You get what i’m saying.  My point is Obama is just a puppet in the corrupt system money controls everything, If you have the money you have the power simple as that.  There are plenty other people in Washington and all over the United States to blame for the mess this country is in right now, not just Obama. Just to clarify I am not in any way a fan of Obama,  just stating the facts.

Back to the topic of cliffs. I am certain that the United States is headed in the wrong direction, and has almost finished creating  it’s own demise. Picture the United States like a box. Much like the extremely horrible , and terribly scary fiscal cliff, When that fiscal Cliff box is pushed close to the edge closer and closer it falls over and tada ALL National parks close and VA Memorials all across the country close in the blink of an eye,  because lack of funding.  While the government is spending double the money for officers to keep people off the closed property during this time for their own safety, proving that the whole fiscal cliff government shutdown is really a load of BS, and the government really does not shutdown.  The hypothetical physical cliff we are headed toward is far more dangerous. The government keeps pushing our box closer and closer to the edge and eventually we as a country will fall over the side, it would have been to far and be to late to stop it at that point. There would be no way back. However there is still time to stop this from happening to this great country, but it requires everyone to stand up for what is right and push the box back the other direction. You have to stand up and have a voice. Oppose Agenda 21, Oppose Big Government, Oppose Common Core,  Oppose corruption , Oppose GMO poison, Oppose big pharma, Oppose a “New World Order” or a so called “One world Government”, Oppose the “New” Constitution,  Oppose the Forcible and unaffordable  Care Act.

The way I see it.

The Bundy Ranch.

First of all I would like to say that I support the Bundy Family 100% in their endeavor with the federal government. It is not everyday you find people with enough guts to stand up to them. With that being said; I’m not really sure how this went viral like it did. Usually stories of this type remain kind of unheard. The media covers them up and may broadcast them once if that then you never hear anything else of it. Why was it different this time? It makes me wonder if that was not the plan all along. I mean peoples rights are violated every single day, the government shows just how corrupt they are every day, and no one ever seems to think anything of it. Why now? Why Nevada? Lots of questions floating around in my head. And then there was the abrupt retreat from the Bureau of Land Management, and other federal agencies.  They may have been out numbered temporarily but they could have gotten reinforcements almost immediately. And I will guarantee you even with the 5000 armed protesters that were suppose to be headed that way the Federal Government was not out gunned, not even close. The BLM even has a “get out of jail free” card when it comes to shooting protestors, all the BLM would have to do is paint the individuals as radical extremist or something and then they could have shot all 5000 of them, and nobody would have said much as far as the courts go. The federal government knew that the main reason for the protestors going to Nevada was not to “kill” federal agents because the protestors knew if they even shot one they would be in jail for the rest of their lives, or even dead; and what would that have accomplished? So why did the BLM tuck their tails under and run? How many times have you ever seen the Federal Government run away just because they “feared for their safety” I think it was a number of things that could have caused this to happen this way.

  • This was a test by the feds to see just how far people can be pushed before they act.


  • An exercise so that they could find out strategies, routes used, weapons appearing, and anything else they can use in the future. With the highly sophisticated drones they had flying overhead, body and car mounted cameras, and other highly sophisticated surveillance equipment  completely and thoroughly documenting every little detail. including faces, license plates, cell phone records,  biometric features, and anything else they could collect data on. You can bet no matter what reason they had for this operation they still collected all this data.


  • However highly unlikely: The Federal Government actually thought they could get away with the operation, and really got scared when the met a little resistance.

I am almost certain that this incident is far from over. The government will be back and they will get their way by force. As they know how everyone will react and every detail about the last encounter, they can adjust their plans, and will be successful. So I would keep a very close eye on the situation there, stay vigilant. I am glad to see Americans standing up for something, I wish that they would make a stand like this for all the incidents of Federal, State, and Local governments abuse of power.


Malaysia Flight 370

I know there are a lot of rumors and conspiracy theories floating around about the disappearance of Flight 370. I am not claiming to know exactly what happened to the plane or all the passengers. however I am sure what your hearing on the Main Stream news is not even close. There are several stories that have surfaced since the disappearance of the flight, such as the plane was off course, the pilot tried to make a phone call after the disappearance, Even heard stories about the US Government Hijacking the plane and taking it to an airbase some where. I’m sure you won’t ever know what really happened to the plane. First lets cover some FACTS

  • The missing plane is Malaysia Flight 370
  • The plane is a Bowing 777-200ER
  • The wing span of the plane is 199ft 11in
  • The length of the plane is 209ft 1 in
  • The plane is 60ft 9 in tall
  • The average American 2 story building is roughly 16 –20 feet tall
  • The length of an American Football Field is 300 feet

With all those facts you could come to your own conclusion that it would be kind of difficult to “misplace” this plane. Much less not know where it is for over a month. It would not even fit in most American’s yards. It’s not like a set of keys  or something. And another very suspicious thing is that. The Federal Government is all knowing they know just about everything there is to know. They can track every single cell phone in the US and other countries simultaneously. They have a satellite network that they can zoom in to show great detail anywhere in the world in real time. Much better quality than the satellite pictures that the public has been seeing recently on the news. If they found the wreckage they would not only be able to tell what it was but what kind of bird that’s landed on top of it. They can simultaneously eavesdrop on millions of calls at one time, track thousands of planes at once, track certain Americans they deem to be “domestic terrorist”, Read emails, text messages, computer logs, and so many other things all at the same time with their network of highly sophisticated computers, and servers. So you can not tell me that they do not know where that plane is. The United States Federal Government spends more money on defense military and “safety” measures than any other country in the world. There is no way that this plane just slipped by them even if it was flying below the “radar” they knew where this plane was and I’m sure the US is not the only ones other countries governments know also they are not as technologically depressed as the news leads you to believe; their just not saying from some reason or another. I personally think the the plane might have been “hijacked” in one scene, then another country shot it down, but no one wants to bear the huge PR mess that would come of that. So as we continue to try to “locate” the plane; all one can do is pray for the families of the lost. because. You are not going to get the truth and those families are not going to get the answers they deserve.

Frightening Email Spy Tool Newest Threat To Privacy

Perhaps you should be leery of some Gmail email users. A new free plugin lets Gmail users know when an email they sent is open – without the recipient even knowing.

Called Streak, the plugin can even enable users to track recipients to their physical locations, Daily Mail writer Victoria Woollaston discovered. Streak is currently being sold to sales and marketing professionals by a small San Francisco firm of the same name.

“Meanwhile, tests carried out by PJ Vogt from OnTheMedia located the reader of his email to within about five minutes of their exact location in New York,” Woollaston wrote.

How Streak Might Work

A blogger, Vogt stumbled across the plug-in by accident and discovered that it operates much like a Trojan computer virus. It hides in the email and sends out signals that allow for tracking.

Significantly, Vogt and others have not been able to determine exactly how Streak works. Woollaston thinks it might work by adding a small image to emails that is actually a program that asks the recipient’s email program to reveal the IP address. Streak can then track the recipient via the IP.

Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Home And Family Safe.

Anybody can download Streak and track up to 200 emails. There is a fee for tracking more. What’s also disturbing is that Streak is being sold as a “Customer Relationship Manager” when it is really a spy tool.

What Streak Can Do

Here’s what we know Streak can do:

  • Let a recipient whenever an email is read.
  • Tell a recipient how many times an email is read.
  • Reveal the recipient’s name to the sender.
  • Tell the sender what kind of device a recipient is reading the email on (mobile, etc.).
  • Track stories and keywords in the email.
  • Install tracking software in the inbox that can track emails sent from it.
  • Find a person’s general location. A Streak user might not find your address but could discover what city or neighborhood you are in.

The Streak website boasts: “Get notified the very moment one of your recipients reads your email. If you’re a sales pro, follow up on the phone with potential customers as soon as they start reading the email collateral you sent them. … Streak email tracking shows the status of all your tracked emails right in your inbox. You’ll see a green or gray ‘eye’ icon right next to any email in any inbox list telling you whether the email is being read or not.”

We don’t know enough about Streak, but here are a few good suggestion for keeping your email safe.

  • Don’t open emails from people you don’t recognize.
  • Use the spam filter and other security features on your email. They can block out some of the worst emails.
  • If you don’t want your location tracked, log onto your email from a computer at a place like the public library.

Source: Off Grid News